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Sunday, April 8, 2012

On the look out for the: Mysterious Flower

Well I was with my friend Neela GoldenGem and she was tending her plants when i noticed them. I have never seen them before. Apparently they are called Moon Flowers. They are a rare drop from Ravens Hoard pack and a boss drop. Which i cant figure out where it drops. So we are one the look out so if anybody finds out plz comment and let me know. This is how it looks:

 ~Chris StormShard


  1. Hey, Long time no see, Oh and with the flower my friend connor has like 17 you get them as a rare boss drop at the wintertusk 4 bosses. Wondering who this is? It is I David DragonBreath!

    1. Oh my god. David? dude you should log on man! I am logged on now!

  2. Lets me tomorrow

    my time at 5pm Pacific timezone

    Its april 9 here and 6:35pm now so yea
    hope to see u there

    1. K, will try to be on then, Haha Miss me?

    2. oh and lost my member, Soul and i cant afford a new one atm, my singing comp is the only thing paying bills. haha