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Monday, April 16, 2012

Simbah+Luna = Nala

Hi fellow wizards :D! I am so excited because today i hatched my Ianthine Hound "Luna" with my Best Friends Leopard          " Simbah". Then Nala was born :D!

 Which is pretty cool because they both have the names from the popular disney movie "The Lion King"! Nala has 70 Pedigree and has 5 epic slots

I cant wait to train her!

Ty Autumn DayStone <3!

     ~Chris StormShard

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My adventure through Avalon

Well here i am finally in the test realm. I am so Psyched! Here I want to share with you a few pictures of avalon! Hope you enjoy them!

~Chris StormShhard

Monday, April 9, 2012

New World: AVALON!

I am SO excited to share this news friends! Its about the upcoming world! Its called Avalon, we had clues from the current puzzle pieces. I cant wait!

Avalon was long anticipated and will play a great role on the Arthurian and Celtic mythologies with kings and queens and even knights. Giant Goblins roam the grounds

-New level cap increase up to level 80
-New level 78 pets
-New Mounts and pets
-New gardening rank cap increase up to rank 15
-New equipment drops
-New gardening spells

This world will include clues about HeadMaster Ambrose and even Morganthe.

    Avalon is said to hit public test realms later this week!

~ Chris StormShard

Sunday, April 8, 2012

On the look out for the: Mysterious Flower

Well I was with my friend Neela GoldenGem and she was tending her plants when i noticed them. I have never seen them before. Apparently they are called Moon Flowers. They are a rare drop from Ravens Hoard pack and a boss drop. Which i cant figure out where it drops. So we are one the look out so if anybody finds out plz comment and let me know. This is how it looks:

 ~Chris StormShard

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Legendary Artisan!

Woo! I finally have received my legendary artisan badge today! After a hard 5 days of work lol.
I guess saving all those kelp really paid off when i transmuted a bunch of aether.

~Chris StormShard

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My adventure to obtain the Legendary Artisan Badge

    Hello wizards,

I would like to share with you that I will be trying to become an Legendary artisan. Finally something to test my skills.
But shouldnt be too hard, after all I am the Creative Diviner lol.

For this quest i must craft 2 Spirit Caller Drums. Sounds easy enough right? Not at all. This recipe requires a bundle of rare reagent. And you even have to craft 2 conga drums for each Spirit Caller Drum. I have already crafted one Spirit Caller Drum and have an extra conga drum. So all i need now is a bunch of Aether and Fossils.

Wish me luck!

~Chris StormShard

My personal best with levy!

I just wanted to share this with my fellow wizards. I best hit with levy. I know it isnt like a 1,000,000 hit but its something. here it is.

220,892 damage

Here is a closer look:
 Special thnx to my friends:
-Autumn Daystone

~Chris StormShard