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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dropping CL house and Picking up GH house

Hello, lol lately Celestia has gotten ssssssoooooo boring. I have decided to give up on the CL house recipe ( Kinda sucked anyway) and starting to craft the GH house. Plus the Grizzleheim house is full of nature and waterfalls. All the Celestia house has is pieces of rubble floating around. I even think Paradise Island house is even better than the crafted CL house!

I just started crafting that GH house and cant wait to finish i just started yesterday and i have a pretty decent collection of things i need and i need to craft already. Plus i have a very accurate guide that i use for this.

Grizzleheim house guide:

Watchtower Hall       (recipe 60,000 gold, GH vendor)
  10 Blizzard cards
  20 Ghost Fire
   4 Wooden Water Tower   (recipe 2150, DS vendor)
   4 Carved Stone Tower   (recipe 1900, MS vendor)
  15 Ornamental Stepstone (recipe 595, KT vendor)
  30 Stack of Wood Planks (recipe 138, WC vendor)
   8 Grassy Mound     (recipe 2370, DS vendor)
   2 Water Fountain   (recipe 2700, DS vendor)

total cost of recipes = 69,853


 10  Blizzards - Card    
 16  Evil Snowman - Card
  8  Locust Swarm - Card
 32  Nature's Wrath - Card
  4  Seraph - Card
544  Deep Mushroom - Common
100  Frost Flower - Common
380  Mistwood - Common
370  Ore - Common
160  Parchment - Common
144  Scrap Iron - Common
168  Stone Block - Common
 80  Diamond - Rare
 90  Nightshade - Rare
268  Water Lily - Rare
544  Bronze Gear - Drop
300  Ectoplasm - Drop
 90  Black Coal - Vendor
 20  Ghost Fire - Vendor
 20  Glass Vial - Vendor
142  Shadow Oil - Vendor
 45  Simple Vial - Vendor

If you buy all your reagents at the vendor or bazaar (for good but not best possible prices), you'll pay roughly 173,000 gold for reagents + 70,000 for recipes = 243,000 gold for the whole house. Obviously you can reduce this by gathering many of the reagents.

I even mended my own super craft station.

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