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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guess what!?!? That's right! I am back!

Hello wizards!!! I have missed you all. I havent blogged or played for almost a year! I recently just came back into the game. And i have already beaten Zafaria! I am Level 70 Transcended Diviner. And "spoiler alert" about the Morganthe
aka ( Umbra Queen ). We dont get to battle her! Again she gets away. But she got ahold of her old deck which makes her magic 100x fold. I was like you just have to be kidding!?!?! We have to wait for another expansion to POSSIBLY battle her. It was like Malistair. We would see him in MB before DS came out, next to meowarity. Its just so annoying.

But you know, Thats how it goes. So yea i a just working on my legendary artisan badge. Almost done though. The after that will craft my gear lol.

And this is how i look by the way now:

Lol not much of a difference because i stitched lol.

Well, until next time fellow wizards!

~Chris Stormshard

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